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A New Year

Well the New Year is upon us. How does it feel to you? Is it a let down after the holidays or a relief that the hoopla and holiday cheer is over?

Right now it feels good to be in new year to me. A fresh start, a clean slate, a different season. But as a bereaved parent do you get a clean slate, a new season? No, you do not. You do however, maybe have the chance to embrance your grief in a different way.

However it feels to you, I hope that you can look at the new year as a new opportunity to remember and honor your loved one. Maybe a new tradition your family can start. Maybe you will decide to try a support group or reach out to your support system and really let them know what you need this year. Let them know how they can make this year a little easier for you. Maybe you will decide this is the year you will try to attend an event that was just too hard last year.

I would like to think this year will be a little bit brighter for you and a little bit easier,  a new year to love and remember and take care of yourself. This is my new year wish for you.

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So beautifully written. The new year certainly can be challenging. Letting go for some is so difficult while others can't wait to say goodbye to the year that they lost their child. My wish for all bereaved parents and families is to allow love, support and community help guide them through the toughest of times.
Posted by Bonnie Cochran
On February 19, 2013 @ 8:36pm PT

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