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"My son was so touched and moved by the entire day and came out with such an amazing sense of self, belonging, spirit and was ecstatic about the entire day!"

                                                  - mom of  2014 Camp BraveHeart camper



This year we will be holding a 2 day camp in collaboration with Pathways and Community Grief Center. These three options below are available to best meet your camper's needs:

1. Ages 5-12- Saturday, July 22nd  9:00am - 4:00pm

2. Ages 12-18- Sat 1:45-8:30pm and Sunday 8-noon 

3. Ages 12-18- overnight option - Sat 1:45pm - Sunday at noon




Past pictures of Camp BraveHeart 

2014 Camp BraveHeart campers and volunteers




3Hopeful Hearts is a support organization that provides grief companionship to families after the loss of a child. Though we do not provide psychotherapy or counseling, we do collaborate with the professional community as part of our advocacy model.

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