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"A family is a circle of love, not broken by a loss,
but made stronger by the memories."

– Unknown


Resources for Family

Remembrance Events

Bereaved parents and their families are invited to participate in the family oriented 3Hopeful Hearts Walk to Remember in September and our Candlelight Tribute held every December. Click here for details.

Volunteer and Get Involved

If you would like to offer your support by donating time, we are currently in need of volunteers for the 3Hopeful Hearts Walk to Remember. Many opportunities exist to become involved!


3Hopeful Hearts offers many opportunities for families to honor their children. Consider a memorial donation to the ongoing efforts of 3Hopeful Hearts to reach out to other bereaved families.

More to come

Watch for more family resources and helpful articles as we continue to expand this website.

Especially for Family

When a child dies the entire family dynamic is changed, and the pain after the loss of a baby or child can be completely overwhelming. The child is considered a part of the family forever and the void left also remains forever. One mother wrote, "It feels like a branch from our family tree has been torn off. A small branch, one whose presence completed us, had been ripped from our family and left a large wound. Without it, we were lopsided and off balance. When my other children were born, they did not replace the fallen branch, but created a new branch all their own."

How you can support your family...

  • Listen, listen, listen!
  • Your body language is important. Eye contact and caring gestures support the human connection with your family member.
  • You are not there to fix them or remove their grief. Their grief is important, it will eventually take them to their healing.
  • Be receptive and embrace the many stories associated with their child. These stories are to be remembered.
  • Hearing and saying the child's name helps in grieving.
  • Grief and shock is an individual process - allow for compassion, learning and validation.
  • Be respectful in honoring their grieving process.
  • Read literature and educate yourself to help you understand your family member's grief.
  • Be mindful of additional family members and friends smothering or over welcoming their stay.
  • Remember to recognize the whole family - especially dads and siblings as well.
  • Keep a journal or notes to help with remembering as many details as possible for the family.
  • Hold on to as many "memory" items as possible after a child loss such as a blanket, pacifier or lock of hair., clothing, pictures etc.
  • Photographs also help with healing with a baby- even those in the waiting room with other friends, family and staff.
  • Do not take any of the baby or child's posessions out of the house. Although this may feel like the right thing to do at the time, it can be very distressing for a parent to find items moved or removed after coming back home. Close the child's bedroom or nursery door and allow time for parents to take their time and process this loss. Even inf a parent asks for everything to be removed, box it all up and put it in safe keeping until they have had the time to reflect. Many families will deeply regret throwing precious memories away once they are thinking more clearly.

Supporting a family member experiencing the loss of a baby or child may be physically tiring and emotionally draining. Care for yourself and know it is okay to take a break when you need to.

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