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"The one who put gentle footprints on our hearts leaves a story worth telling."
– Unknown


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Memorializing Your Baby or Child

There are many special ways you can memorialize your baby or child. What may feel comfortable to one parent, may not feel comfortable to the other. You may choose to include family and friends or you may want to keep it personal. Just honor what feels right. Here are some suggestions...

  • Buy a special piece of jewelry with your baby's birthstone.
  • Decorate your child's grave with balloons, flowers, toys, a wreath, small windsock, or a pinwheel on his/her birthday.
  • Submit an article or poem about your baby to a pregnancy loss newsletter.
  • If your baby was given a name, use it.
  • Keep a photo of your baby in your purse or wallet.
  • Make an angel-food cake on your deceased baby's birthday.
  • On the anniversary of your baby's or child's death, send the hospital a plant to be given to the next family who loses a baby.
  • Purchase a special candle to be lit every year on your baby's birthday.
  • Send family and friends packets of flower seeds (Forget-me-nots are especially meaningful) on your loved one's birthday.
  • Send out announcements or memorial cards to friends and family that your baby was born, and died. Let them know that it's okay to talk about your loved one. Include the loved one's name (if given one) and birth information.
  • Start a collection (angels, teddy bears, stars, etc.)
  • Talk to your child. Tell him/her how you feel and how much you miss him/her. Write a letter to your baby or child.
  • Write a "love note" to your child, tie it onto a helium-filled balloon and release the balloon to heaven.
  • Write music or poetry to or about your baby.
  • Create art to honor your loss.
  • At Christmas, hang a stocking or a special personalized ornament in honor of your baby or child.
  • Create a memory book or box for your baby's mementos.
  • Create a website about your loved one or leave a tribute to your loved one on a memorial website.
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