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"One knows what one has lost, but not what one may find."
– George Sand


Depending upon your needs the following are just a handful of available resources to comfort you, assist you and support you. Whether it's a book or a blog, online support or counseling... you're not alone.

Books for Parents and Families

  • "A Silent Sorrow, Pregnancy Loss: Guidance and Support for You and Your Family" by Kohm & Moffitt
  • "A Time to Decide, A Time to Heal: For Parents Making Difficult Decisions About Babies They Love" by M. Minnick
  • "About What Was Lost: 20 writers on Miscarriage, Healing and Hope" by Jessica Berger Gross
  • "Beyond Parental Choice: Support and Information After Pregnancy Termination Due to a Fetal Abnormality" by Centering Corporation
  • "Coping with Grief" by Mal McKissock
  • "Empty Arms: Coping After Miscarriage, Stillbirth or Infant Death" by Sherokee Ilse
  • "Ended Beginnings: Healing Childbearing Losses" by Claudia Panuthos & Catherine Romeo
  • "Finding Hope When a Child Dies: What Other Cultures Can Teach Us" by Sukie Miller
  • "Good Grief" by Granger E. Westburg
  • "Life Touches Life: A Mother's Story of Stillbirth and Healing" by Lorriane Ash
  • "Miscarriage: A Shattered Dream" by Sherokee Ilse & Linda Hammer Burns
  • "Remembering Our Angels: Personal Stories of Healing From a Pregnancy Loss" by Hannah Stone
  • "Still: A Collection Of Honest Artwork And Writings From The Heart Of A Grieving Mother" by Stephanie Paige Cole
  • "Stuck For Words" by Doris Zagdanski
  • "Tear Soup" by Pat Schweibert
  • "Unspeakable Losses: Understanding the Experience of Pregnancy Loss, Miscarriage & Abortion" by Kim Kluger-Bell
  • "When a Grandchild Dies: What to Do, What to Say, and How to Cope" by Nadine Galinsky

Books for Children

  • "Am I Still a Sister?" by Alicia Sims
  • "Lifetimes: The Beautiful Way to Explain Death to Children" by Mellonie & Ingpen
  • "No New Baby: For Boys and Girls Whose Expected Sibling Dies" by Marilyn Gryte
  • "Sad Isn't Bad: A Good-Grief Guidebook for Kids Dealing with Loss" by Michaelene Mundy
  • "Someone Came Before You" by Pat Schweibert (for ages 2-6)
  • "The Fall of Freddie the Leaf: A Story of Life for All Ages" by Leo Buscaglia
  • "When Dinosaurs Die" by Laurie Krasny Brown
  • "When Something Terrible Happens: Children Can Learn to Cope with Grief" by Marge Heegaard
  • "Where's Jess?" by Jody Goldstein

Books for Professionals

  • "A Caregiver's Handbook to Perinatal Loss" by Gary Vogel
  • "Death and Bereavement Across Cultures" by Colin Murray Parkes
  • "Giving Care, Taking Care" by Sherokee Ilse
  • "Grieving In the NICU: Supporting Families and the Health Team When a Baby Dies" DVD by director Dan Duffy
  • "Infertility Counseling" by Covington & Hammer-Burns
  • "SIDS & Infant Death Survival Guide: Information & Comfort for the Grieving Families & Professionals Who Seek to Help Them" by Joani Nelson Horchler & Robin Rice
  • "When a Child Dies: How Pediatric Physicians and Nurses Cope" by Robert McKelvey
  • "When a Baby Dies: A Handbook for Healing and Helping" by Rana Limbo & Sara Wheeler

Website Links

Local Resources

  • Pathways for Grief and Loss - Community Care for Northern Colorado (ph: 970.663.3500)
  • Connections - for residents of Fort Collins and northern Larimer County
    (direct referrals to community therapists and services based on ability to pay and need)
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